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Posted: 23rd June 2011 by haxrbyte in Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking

I have been a instructor @ The Hacking Dojo for a while now …. 🙂


Currently I am the instructor for the following 2 classes :  –

(1R) Mukyu (Novice) and the (1D) Shodan (Foundational)

About the Dojo

Many hacking classes provide a rapid amount of information to students, and then send them off to continue their education on their own; there is no real concern about how the students are doing after the course has finished, or how much of the course material is retained. The Hacking Dojo breaks this trend, and offers a unique method of learning how to conduct professional penetration tests through student mentoring.

The Hacking Dojo provides students with a long-term training and support system, with readily-available access to instructors. Students attend regularly-scheduled online meetings with their instructor, who teaches hacking concepts relative to students’ skill level. When the students demonstrate proficiency in a set of skills, they are moved onto more difficult challenges and instruction.

Benefits of the Hacking Dojo instruction method:

  • Live, online training sessions with the class instructor each week
  • Video tutorials on hacking, geared towards personal skill level
  • Participation in interactive student groups
  • Real-time access to instructor during non-class hours
  • Access to special tools and tutorials

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