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2011 the year of the BLOG….

Posted: 11th January 2011 by haxrbyte in General Blogging

My NEW YEARS resolution…BLOG dammit. I want to frequently blog this year. Penetration Testing/Ethical Hacking is my passion, so the topic will probably be along those lines. Hope it’s worth the read :).

Struggling with this blogging thing….

Posted: 7th October 2010 by haxrbyte in General Blogging

I am struggling to blog. I have lots of information to share, but I find it difficult to write it down… I have been trying to become a full blown penetration tester. I have been in the IT security field for about 12 years now. I lack direction and experience… I need a mentor, but […]

H@ckerz Blog

Posted: 10th June 2010 by haxrbyte in General Blogging

Welcome to Haxrbyte’s Blog, this blog is mainly about hacking!!!